Just enjoy
with the best service for stains and construction

For seating furniture and boxspring beds!

With the All in House Service, you can make use of the best additional service for stains and usage problems for years to come!

From the best cleaning and care products, our knowledge and love of materials and construction to a top team of service specialists: we have everything you need in order to fully enjoy your new seating furniture or boxspring bed!

Ask your furniture store for the possibilities. 

How does All in House Service work?

Very simple! You buy new seating furniture or a boxspring bed in combination with All in House Service. Upon delivery, your new furniture is provided with a high-quality protective product. Should a stain occur? Our Customer Care team professionals will be happy to help! Not only when dealing with stains, but also when dealing with other usage problems. The solution is always nearby.

So don’t worry, because we are there for you! 

All in House Service is available as an additional service for almost any type of seating furniture or boxspring bed. You can make use of the best stain and construction service for either your sofa, corner sofa, armchair or boxspring bed for years to come. All stains from drinks and foods such as cola, wine, spaghettisauce and soup as well as usage problems such as fixing of squeaks and creaks, fixing loose springs and securing loose connections are all covered within All in House Service. 

Now that is what we call Just enjoy!  

Want to know what else is covered within the service? Then click one of the buttons below for our terms of service! 

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